The Game Arena

Dutch Championship Highland Games

Both Saturday and Sunday (1st & 2nd of July) the Dutch Championship Highland Games will take place at the Game Arena.

The Strongest Men of Belgium and the Netherlands will fight for their title and to improve their rankings. 


You will be able to see the A and B Classes, the Masters and the Juniors.
Spread over te different disciplines and in accordance with the Scottish traditions.
The key drivers are Strength, Technique and endurance.

Will you be there to support these Tough Guys?


Over the course of the day there will be several opportunities where you can measure your own strength at the Game Arena.

Lees Meer

The Urguhart Castle

At the Game Arena you will find our Castle.


All Clans will gather at the Castle's Gate en will be supported during their Start of the fight against the Scottish elements and when the finish together.

But..... they will not Finish without raiding the Castle.

Be Prepared!

Our DJ and Host will make it a party to selebrate the Victory!

Food Trucks

In the Game Arena you will be surprised with delicious snacks at a variaty of food trucks. View the Highlanders Sweating themselves while you are enjoying food and drinks. Chill and Recover after finishing your run.

Check our website frequently for additional information on the food trucks, which will be there.

Brave Heart Paint Shop

A real Highlander can't go onto the battle fields without his War paint collors.

Come to the Paint Shop and get yourself painted in your Clan's collors. Just fot the fun of it.


Be Rough, Be Tough, Be a Clan's Man!

Shetland Pony Riding

Also for our smallest Clan-members there will be several things to do. Lets take a ride on a real Scottich Shetland Pony.

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